Herald Bight. Day 95

Frank and Ros came aboard Baly for sundowners last evening and remarkably they knew Prof’s father when they lived in Port Hedland. We then had a great night at the Carnarvon Yacht Club with the locals. We were treated as celebrities having sailed from Brisbane until an American couple, Bobby and Lorrie arrived who had sailed from Annapolis on their East Coast. The commodore said I looked lke Don McIntyre,  the famous Australian solo round the world sailor who now runs adventure tours to the Antarctic, brrrrr! I will take that resemblance as an oblique compliment.


Lloyd Price, who owns Seawind 1000 #77 (Baly is # 72) is a past commodore of the Carnarvon Yacht Club. He has just crossed the Atlantic in his boat and currently is in the Caribbean on his world circumnavigation. Shark Bay was a bit bumpy today and there was surf on Carnarvon’s beaches as we left. This is all due to the big swells outside that somehow are making their way into the bay despite the barrier islands.  So we decided to head for Herald Bight on the Eastern side of Cape Peron to get some protection at anchor tonight.


Tasmanian smoked salmon for lunch and omelet for dinner. Flavours enhanced by fresh basil from Ros’ onboard herb garden. We also have fresh corn on the cob, capsicum and lemons courtesy of Terry and Jan who are one of the largest growers in the district.  They employ four backpackers nine months of the year to plant and harvest the corn.


Beautiful Cape Peron with it’s red cliffs. We anchored 8 nm south of the cape and will come back around the cape and down to Denham tomorrow. We are only 20 nm from Monkey Mia but will visit that with a tour from Denham on Monday as I don’t like the anchorage there and we would have travel 40 nm extra in backtracking.

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