Cervantes. Day 101

Left Port Denison at 2 am, couldn’t sleep, the sky had cleared with a full moon and we wanted to get moving.  We passed an oil and gas platform at 4 am, quite close at half a mile but still outside it’s exclusion zone. My galaxy photo below doesn’t do it justice, it was lit up like a Christmas tree. Hopefully the photos taken on prof’s camera will come out better


Although the forecast promised a warmer and clearer day we were still greeted by rain clouds in the morning.


It did eventually clear and warm up so were wearing shorts and no shirt. About midday when off Jurien Bay a charter fishing boat came over to check us out.


Arrived at Cervantes at 3.30pm and anchored outside the moorings where the crayboats are. We are less than 100 miles from Fremantle and will be there on Sunday after spending tomorrow night at Two Rocks.



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