Two Rocks. Day 102

4 am departure from Cervantes to ensure we complete the 65 nm run to Two Rocks in daylight. It was so cold this morning I put socks on for the first time since leaving Brisbane. We had to wipe the dew from the windows inside and out to see. Temperature got down to 10 degrees in Perth, brrrrr!  Received a  viber call from Ela L’il Bear #1 daughter telling me they are having 35 degree days in Canada. She was excited because the float she helped design for the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge won the annual Canada Day Parade best float prize.

I have not been to Two Rocks for about 25 years so it will be interesting to see how it has changed. Alan Bond built a marina development here to use for his first challenge for the Americas Cup in the 70s.


Chili beans on toast for breakfast, ah I’m going to miss prof’s penchant for hot food…I think. Watching out for cray pot buoys and whales. Saw a spectacular whale jumping breach, but we were not quick enough to get cameras. In my time working crayboats in Tasmania we used to shoot our pots on the edge of submerged ledges because that’s where crays live. Accordingly it was easy to avoid them. Here in WA they seem to put them anywhere, in deep water and where boats go from one point to another. The whales are big enough to go where they like but seem to be able to hear boat engines and stay clear. We’re unlikely to be mistaken as a whale partner with two black hulls underwater but monohulls with a white bottom are quite susceptible.


Baly is hardly parked at the VIP berth at Two Rocks Marina. It is really a fishing harbour and it will take ages to clean the tyre rubber off our fenders. The positive of being in a fishing harbour is the snapper and chips at the tavern was excellent and only $16. 

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