Fremantle. Day 103

Baly was jerked around by the swell surge entering Two Rocks harbour and the mooring ropes and fenders groaned all night. So we we quite ready to leave at 6.30am and could not recommend the marina. As we came clear of the harbour entrance prof noticed we could actually see the Perth skyline 30 nm away which was a very encouraging landmark.

The tides are minimal here only .6m, so much different to the 10m tides and resultant currents we dealt with in the Kimberley. This is probably why many marinas are fixed jetties rather than floating.  A 2 ft tidal range doesnt have a great effect on berthing considerations.


Prof’s last day onboard today, he flies out to Melbourne tomorrow where his kids live and mrs is visiting, then back to Hobart later in the week. Its been great having him with us for this very memorable part of the trip and caps a mateship that goes back 40 years.


Arrived at Fremantle at 1.30pm in the rain grateful for Gps plotters, radar and AIS. Unwound full of joy for having arrived in the Fremantle Sailing Club bar watching football, drinking beer and eating hamburgers and pizza.

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2 Responses to Fremantle. Day 103

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Congratulations on your safe arrival at Fremantle – an amazing achievement for you and your shipmates :). I’m sure Jenny is really looking forward to having you home for a while and I know that Jack Dog will be very excited the moment he knows you’re there!!! Enjoy. T & F xxx.


  2. Gregg says:

    Glad you made it – what ˆ’ve red of the blog its incredible and inspiriing – make on wwish they’d grown up on boats 🙂 – ’cause tis obviously not for the kunexperienced; somany things I saw you had to do and watch out for.

    thank you!
    How long will Balakera be a’wintering here in Freo?

    Gregg 🙂


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