Fremantle. Day 104

Farewelled prof this morning and set about getting some jobs sorted. Decided to slip Baly and leave her on a hardstand, much safer, while I’m not onboard and back in Brisbane. It is the same cost, $ 35 per day to be on the hardstand as it is in a marina pen. We can get engines serviced which has to be done out of the water and touch up some antifouling. The autopilot wheel drive gearbox has failed under warranty so I dropped that off with the local agent for a replacement. Baly was hauled out of the water by 11.00 am so we have had  productive morning. The team at Northport were most efficient. image

Not much more to do in Fremantle for now so I’m booked to fly home on Tuesday 7th and it will be great to be back home getting reacquainted with the family after four months at sea. So pause button again on blogs until we return and resume the circumnavigation in a couple of weeks time.


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1 Response to Fremantle. Day 104

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Must be an amazing feeling, knowing that you are back on dry land for a couple of weeks and have your current home sitting up there out of the water. Enjoy the break and we look forward to the blogs returning. T & F x


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