Northport and Fremantle Sailing Club. Days 105 and 106

Back onboard again after flying back from Brisbane on Monday. Received a phone call while in Brisbane from the Dampier Mermaid Hotel telling me I had won a 65 litre  XXXX esky. Not surprising given the amount of beer we drank there.  Bit hard to go back to Dampier and collect it so I suggested they do a redraw.


Baly spent 3 weeks on the hardstand at Northport which is north of the Swan River.  Slept onboard at the Northport yard Monday night after a couple of beers with Earl and Bill who mind the commercial vessels  moored there.
We are now back in the Fremantle Sailing Club which is South of the Swan River. I would have left Baly here at FSC but she was too wide to fit on the FSC travelift. FSC is a magnificent facility and they offer visiting yachts 3 days free marina fees. Had a seafood platter dinner last night at Bathers Beach House with my niece Amanda. They had Matso’s mango beer on tap, which I had previously enjoyed when we visited the brewery in Broome. Then we had a Baskins and Robbins icecream.


Will pick up my replacement Autopilot today, do some other maintenance jobs on the boat and then should be heading off to Mandurah tomorrow. Weather is lousy again, rainy and cold, just like it was three weeks ago when I bailed back to Brisbane.

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2 Responses to Northport and Fremantle Sailing Club. Days 105 and 106

  1. Gregg Thorn says:

    Have a really really great , adventurous & safe, time – and don’t go diving off the bight just to see those ancient seamounts that are somewhere there. I remember the Franklin did a ‘siesmic’ (maybe cothing wuitre as drastic as that – but some sort of sensor or sonar sweep at least) on them long ago.

    We look forwrd to your blog posts – even though you won’t have quite as many places to visit for a beer as you did comng over the north half.


    Gregg 🙂


  2. Tony Jones says:

    Welcome Back – we were wondering when we would hear from you again. Glad that all is well with Baly and that you have managed to have some lovely meals before having to fend for yourself. Sorry to hear about the bad weather, though. Is it going to improve? Take care, T & F x


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