Fremantle Sailing Club. Days 107 to 108

Decided to stay put at FSC while the autopilot saga drags on. I thought I may hand steer singlehanded the 30 nm to Mandurah and have the agent on forward the equipment but would really prefer to test the replacement autopilot before getting too far away from Freo. Also the weather is atrocious.


The offending part is pictured above. It was ordered three and a half weeks ago, apparently back ordered and dispatched from Sydney last week but still not arrived in Perth.  As Jim is not due to come onboard till next Friday 7th, it doesn’t effect our schedule.

So the new departure and arrival date for Mandurah is Sunday 2nd. . Plenty of jobs I can do either here or in Mandurah on the boat. Next blog will be after we arrive in Mandurah because shore based activities are boring and not deserving of a blogpost.

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