Mandurah. Day 110


Dawn breaks over Fremantle after we left at 6.30am. A short 30 nm leg from Fremantle to Mandurah, pleasant enough and a sunny day. 15 kts Southeasterly and we arrived at midday.


Will be spending a week here at Mandurah getting some preparations and jobs done. The harbour reminds me of Raby Bay with its boardwalk and restaurants and has a good feel about it. Baly is moored at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club. You can see Dolphin Quay above and in the background below, with a dozen different restaurants. You can moor your boat on its boardwalk and the waitstaff will bring your dinner to your table onboard. All so very decadent.


Jim is arriving on Friday 7th, so I have some time to myself just pottering around the boat and enjoying the place. Mandurah is attractive in comparison to Fremantle as we were offered a free marina pen by Ian and Melian, from Indian Summer whom we met in Exmouth. Unfortunately the pen is leased from the club and not owned so I still need to pay $20 a day to use the club facilities but it represents 60% off the going rate.


I don’t expect to post many more blogs until we get moving again around Sunday 9th of August when we go to  Busselton.

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1 Response to Mandurah. Day 110

  1. Mike Percy says:

    Hi Derrick, looks like you have been making plenty of progress , now for the ‘Bight’. I haven’t actually been following your blog but had some time and a memory jog today and looked you up. Hope all has been good for you across the top and you enjoyed the Kimberly. We made it to the ‘top’ by road and are now heading back South, currently in Bundy. Mike Percy.


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