Mandurah Days 111 to 116

Have enjoyed my time at Mandurah, nice place and people friendly,  do recommend it to anyone travelling by sea or road. Mikael, the Marine Ops Manager at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club, kindly lent me his own ute so I could pickup Jim from the airport and do the victualling. Over a beer with Mikael later on Friday night we learnt he is quite a yachtie, two Volvo Round the World Yacht Races and sailed onboard the Swedish Americas Cup challenger Artemis.
We seem to pickup little boats along the way, like our tinny Balakerette 1X which we found in Darwin.  Now we have a liferaft, which we will call Balakerette X, or B kiss because if we have to deploy it, that is what we will be doing to farewell our individual posteriors. The photo below shows BX lashed to the aft seat



So many restaurants in Mandurah,  I don’t think anyone cooks at home. Stiff competition between them too, Catch22 had a promotional $20 rump steak on Tuesday,  suited me just fine. Wednesday night I had the veal parmi special at the Oceanic for $15. Will be eating at the club bar for the next few nights,  just so convenient.

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