Cape Naturaliste. Day 119

Left Bunbury at 7.30am for the 35 nm leg across Geographe Bay to Bunker Bay which is just tucked in behind Cape Naturaliste on the Eastern side. Pushing into a 2.5 m sea left over from yesterday’s strong winds. The seas are quite steep with a short distance between them so it is a bumpy ride. The wind is SSW at 20 kts, not ideal but forecast to drop to 15 kts and back around to the South. We should also get some protection fom Cape Naturaliste so things should improve.


Two highlights today; received a viber call from Ela L’il bear in Canada. She is excited about the possibility of a transfer back to civilization at one of the Fairmont Hotels in Vancouver.  Second highlight was the sun coming out for half an hour this morning.


Arrived at Bunker Bay at 2.30pm and picked up a mooring. Put the fisherman/admiralty anchor loaned to us by Craig Margetts on the bow roller ready as the seabed is very compacted and sometimes the plow anchor won’t dig in.


We have a favourable break in the weather so will do an overnighter to make the most of it. So will round Cape Leeuwin tomorrow which is our most Southwestern point. It is 50 nm miles South from Bunker Bay. Then we will turn east and stop heading away from Brisbane and start heading towards it, sort of. Cause for celebration right there.  Omelet with mushrooms and bacon for dinner tonight. Not sure sbout the internet coverage, might be marginal till Albany.

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