Cape Leeuwin. Day 120

Departed beautiful Bunker Bay at 7 am under another leaden sky but thankfully not as cold as it has been. Saw the flash of Cape Naturaliste lighthouse throughout the morning as the day was so gloomy,


Last evening Jim overcame his boredom of just having me to talk to when he found a new friend. It stayed onboard for quite a while then circled us even longer. We think it was a tern.


At midday we passed Margaret River, where two months ago the largest wave ever surfed in Australia was ridden. Saw a whale become completely airborne 200m in front of us, the most spectacular breech we have seen so far.


Rain again but happy to commence some Easting as we pass Hamlin Bay and Cape Leeuwin. Albany is at the right of the Boat Beacon snap above, about 175 nm East.  Steak and kidney pie for dinner as we prepare for an overnighter. Cape Leeuwin emerged from the rain and mist for the photo below.


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1 Response to Cape Leeuwin. Day 120

  1. John Smibert says:

    It’s all downhill from here – safe sailing mate. See you in Sydney.


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