Albany. Days 122 to 123

First priority on Friday was to get a warm shower and a load of laundry followed.

A few jobs to do, the photo below shows what happens when a bolt shears on your outhaul track in the Southern Ocean. The outhaul is where the lower back end of the mainsail is attached to the horizontal spar we call the boom.


We are quite close to town, a 10 minute walk. The photo below shows the Entertainment Centre adjacent to the marina, the town centre is just behind it. We had dinner at the Due South bar and restaurant on Friday night, just to the left of the Entertainment Centre.


On Saturday I visited the Anzac War Memorial,  amazing place commemorating the 40,000 Australian and New Zealand troops and 6000 horses that assembled here to board 48 ships and go off to fight in World War 1. It has an magnificent view over the harbour too.


Albany has one of the largest natural harbours in the world,  King George Sound is the outer one and Princess Royal is the inner harbour. 

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