Albany. Days 124 and 125

Sunday markets setup at the marina boatshed, so we checked out the earth mothers and aging hippies for some wholesome food. Met Bella, who reminded me so much of my JD.


Went to the Albany Museum where they have a replica of the brig Amity which carried the first settlers to Albany.  What interested me most was the lighthouse lense from nearby  Eclipse Island. Quite large with precision ground prisms it housed a kerosene lamp and was rotated by a clockwork mechanism that needed rewinding every two hours. During the day the lense needed covers otherwise sunlight coming through the lense could create a fire. Eclipse Island now has a LED light.


On Monday Shane and Detek from Wallace Engineering re fastened our gooseneck that joins the boom to the mast. For the last few years we have been redoing the gooseneck attachment to the mast with rivets. After redoing it again in Mandurah a rivet fell out before Albany so we decided to redo it properly.  This involved welding up over the holes in the gooseneck,  redrilling attachment holes in the gooseneck and the mast and tapping a new thread in the mast holes. The gooseneck is now attached with stainless steel metal threads rather than aluminum rivets and is much more secure.


Derek is a bit of a VHF radio legend, he is in the Guiness Book of Records for the longest VHF transmission, over 2000 klms, between Albany and Hobart. VHF is only supposed to be line of sight.


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