Esperance. Days 126 to 127

Departed Albany at 7am and are enjoying a 25 kt Northwesterly that is sending us East at 7+ knots. We passed Cape Vancouver  (pictured below) at 9am making good time. Captain Vancouver discovered Albany’s magnificent harbour 100 years before Flinders. Vancouver’s name is seen in many places here as well the most widely recognised which is the capital of British Columbia,  Canada.


Coastline is quite beautiful here, reminiscent of the Southern end of Tasmania and probably formed by similar geological and climatic forces. Mt Manypeaks was quite distinctive but too far away to photograph. The days run 7am to 7pm was 75 nm, very satisfactory progress. The temperature is dropping now so it will be a cold overnighter.  We had corned silveside with cheese and basil sauce for dinner, one of my favourites.

At 6am we were 55nm from Esperance.  The drama overnight was sighting a green flare just before midnight. At the same time the wind piped up and we dropped the mainsail and ran with just the blade headsail at 7 kts. After things settled down we called a nearby freighter the Nord Steel, but it wasnt them and they had not seen it or heard anything on their radios. We will report it when we are in range of Esperance.  Green flares normally relate to submarines.


Arrived at Esperance Bay Yacht Club marina at 4pm and our first impression of the place was the photo above as we were in the port precinct.  The town does seem to have appeal though with waterfront parklands and  white beaches. Had my birthday dinner at the Pier Hotel, beer, $10 bar burger and the Danny Greene fight being televised.

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2 Responses to Esperance. Days 126 to 127

  1. Tony says:

    Happy belated birthday Derrick. Great to see the weather working for you. Have fun.


  2. Tony Jones says:

    Hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner – sounds as though you went overboard with the celebration!!!!! At least Danny Green won the fight, which was a good result. Did you ever find out about the green flare? The water and coastline look beautiful – are you seeing much marine life? T & F x


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