Adelaide. Days 142 and 143

West Bay proved a good anchorage overnight, maybe a bit rolly but after what we have persevered it was fine. Jim cooked up bacon and eggs for breakfast, magnificent. Did some minor repair jobs and departed in the rain at 11am. Just south of Cape Borda we noticed a narrow bay with the impressive name of Ravine de Casoars. Jim is going to check it out by car next week while he does the tourist thing with his wife. A bright rainbow greeted us at Cape Borda.


When South of Althorpe Island Jim noticed our leeward rigging had unwound itself about 3 cm. Not a lot left on the thread at that stage. This tends to happen on the non load carrying side as the loose rigging sets up a harmonic swing and unwinds itself. Will be keeping a closer look at the rigging from now on.

One of the nicest nights sailing we have had for months, as if the weather was wishing to make amends, beam on reach, Baly rolls along at a 7 knots with a comfortable motion,  three quarter moon and the loom of Adelaide beckoning us onwards. We were tied up at the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron at 8am in their VIP berth.


Showers were remarkable after 8 cold days. Jim retreived his car from near the airport, I went to the doctor to get rid of my coughing lurgy, we had an unremarkable lunch in Port Adelaide and then bought some stuff from Bunnings and Whitworths for jobs on Baly. It is schnitzel night at the club this evening.

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2 Responses to Adelaide. Days 142 and 143

  1. Nick Aves says:

    Very well done gents on a tough crossing.

    Nick – Seawind 10202 Perth


  2. Gregg Thorn says:

    Wow 🙂 – just read the last 10 days – was amazed that you only had about 200nm out of the sight of land!!! – thought it would be mroe, but thats because I’m a landlubber who’s just looking at a map 🙂 – and who has only ever circumnavigated Rotness; and even then as just an excited tourist on a power boat ploughing into the waves!!!
    Yeah, would imagine that it was QUITE chilly down there- I’ve been down a bit past Freo at Woodmans Point/Coogee when the Freo Doctor came in at about 2pm one October; and it was really so blusterly and so very very freezing that we had to abandon our barbecue and get indoors quicly so we could warm up!!!


    Gregg 🙂


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