Adelaide. Days 148 to 151

I have decided to keep the fisheman anchor as my primary anchor encouraged by the number of this type of ground tackle you see on vessels here.  So we stowed our plough anchor in a locker.

We took the forward swimming ladder off before leaving Brisbane given some stories of the pounding these can receive crossing the bight. The ladder hatch still received such a hiding it had become loose so I spent several hours re fastening it. Shark took the photo below of the man and his vessel.


Had a barbeque lunch with the RSAYS old salts on Wednesday, which didn’t finish till 5pm, been a while since I’ve had such a long lunch. Mainsail is back on with the new stainless steel batten car bindings, it is much easier to hoist. Have the new mainsail boom cover rigged now too, see photo below, quite a quick turnaround of 4 days from order to delivery ex Sydney and a keen price too. Thanks Neil from Barrracouta Sails. Julian from the RSAYS slipyard took me to the shopping centre today for victualling. Prof arrives later today (Thursday) and we are looking to get away for Wirrina Cove tomorrow (Friday) taking advantage of a few days of forecasted warmer weather. Dinner in the RSAYS restaurant tonight.


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