Wirrina Cove. Day 152

We were a little sluggish this morning for our 7am departure from the RSAYS. I blame Julian for the last bottle of red and then ports to finish the night off. It was a fitting final night after a very welcoming week spent there. Prof is back onboard now showing an uncanny ability to pick when conditions are most comfortable to ship on. 25 degrees, sunny spring day with a following wind. He brought some great music I hadnt heard before by the Amazing Rhythm Aces. Here he is settling in to a stressfree day..


Around mid morning a sparrow flew into our cabin, into Prof’s face and took up station behind the TV. He stayed onboard for about an hour, did a bit of an inspection of things like the iPad, then flew away back towards the land.  We had a similiar thing happen seven years ago when a bat flew in to the same spot when we were 5 miles offshore from Cape Upstart.



Normally dolphins get bored with us quite quickly because Baly goes too slow for them but we had a pod of seven dolphins stay with us for over two hours. At one point another group of dolphins joined in and Prof counted a dozen of them.


We arrived at Wirrina Cove at 2.30pm after a delightful 45 nm sail and bunkered 230 litres of fuel before securing in our pen for the night. There is a resort and golf club up the hill but it is largely closed so we elected to have our first barbeque onboard since June. Ate quite well today, croissants for breakfast, smoked salmon for lunch and filet mignon for dinner.


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