Eden. Days 164 and 165

After leaving Refuge Cove at 7am we had a clear, warmer day and good 20 knot breeze. It was a though rounding Wilsons Promontory was where things became better.  The profile of Wilsons Promontory National Park looked impressive as we sailed away from it. Reminded me of Freycinet and could still be seen from 50 nm away.


We have a reasonably long 220 nm leg to Eden after rounding Gabo Island which will be our most Southeasterly point and expect to reach Eden late tomorrow night.


Plenty of lights during the night as we negotiate the oil and gas rigs off East Sale. These rigs are lit up conspicuously like the ones we encountered on the NW Shelf. We were halfway to Gabo Island by midnight. Dawn has us 55 nm from Gabo and 80 nm from Eden. Rounded Gabo at 4.30pm, pictured below and Cape Howe an hour later putting us into NSW waters but it is still so cold. Nice to have the exposure of Bass Strait behind us. I have a great respect for the Strait and have been dealt severely by her too many times.


Arrived and anchored at Boydtown Bay at 11pm, on the Southern side of Twofold Bay from Eden. 63 hours sailing from Queenscliff.



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1 Response to Eden. Days 164 and 165

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Wow, you are getting so much closer now. Glad you are into New South Wales, although I don’t know if it will be that much warmer for you – we have been absolutely freezing ever since returning home on Tuesday. When are you expecting to arrive in Sydney now? Hope all continues to go well. T & F


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