Bermagui. Day 166

Departed Twofold Bay at 7am after Robbie cooked breakfast and we decanted fuel from the bladder to the main tanks. There was a guided missile warship at the adjacent naval wharf that we couldn’t see when we anchored in the dark last night.  Navy ships don’t normally transmit on AIS for security reasons.


Bermagui has developed dramatically since my time here and the harbour now boasts a fishermans wharf with several restaurants and a floating marina, where Baly is pictured moored below.


Was nostalgic returning to Bermagui and having a beer in the pub that once supported our families and proved a good investment. None of the old regular drinkers from 15 years ago were there however. Did speak with Dave and later barman Neville at the country club. Our own assessment and that of people we spoke to was that the pub is not well managed. Did enjoy our evening  at fthe country club though, good feed and sensory overload with two live telecasts of semi finals, with good outcomes in NRL and AFL as well as live music.

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