Sydney. Days 167 and 168

Departed beautiful Bermagui at 8am after another Robbie breakfast, this time sausages and toast. Passed Montague Island and Narooma about an hour later. The forecast tomorrow is for fog but there seemed to be fog today, maybe due to a great night at the country club. Very pretty coastline and Mt Dromendary stood sentinel over us for most of the day.


We were going to anchor overnight at Batemans Bay, but with favourable conditions and wishing to beat the forecast Northerlies on Tuesday we have decided to do an overnighter to cover the remaining 120nm to Sydney. A bit warmer today at 17 degrees,  we had a good sail up the coast passing such landmarks as Tollgate Islands and Cooks Pigeon House. We reached Jervis Bay at midnight but as often happens here, it took ages to get past Point Perpendicular because of the adverse Southerly heading current of about 2 knots. Beautiful full moon night. At 8am we passed Wollongong,  Baly’s birthplace, where she was launched 15 years ago. Seawind 1000s are Australia’s most successful production yacht, the moulds were sent to North Vietnam several years ago, where they are now built to reduce costs. The Sydney skyline can be seen from 40 nm away.


Went through Sydney Heads at 3.30pm and anchored at Store Beach which is tucked around inside of North Head. Enjoyed filet steak, jacket potatoes and zucchini on the barbecue for dinner.

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1 Response to Sydney. Days 167 and 168

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Welcome to Sydney. Really looking forward to catching up tomorrow. T & F x


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