Sydney. Day 169

Came up the harbour this morning and are now slumming it in the VIP berth at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron which is just adjacent to Kirribilli House where Malcolm doesn’t want to live.


Beautiful views as approached the bridge and opeta house and a glorious warm day. We are wearing shorts for the first time since May.


Enjoyed another trip down memory lane after Bermagui as we walked through the streets of Kirribilli.  I lived in Kirribilli Avenue just down the street from Admiralty House for two years when I first moved to Sydney some 30 years ago. Our unit was the top left one in the photo below.


We are meeting Tony and Fiona Jones tonight for dinner in Neutral Bay.

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1 Response to Sydney. Day 169

  1. Tony Jones says:

    So wonderful to catch up with you all again and glad that you have enjoyed your time in Sydney. Hope that it will be all smooth sailing home from here. Tony and Fiona


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