Choosing crew

Our trip around Australia was local enough for us to swap crew regularly usually about every month. Logistically the American Great Loop is different and I will be joined for the whole trip by Deveen, his family knew him better as Terry Devine. We go back 40 years and he was best man at my wedding.


Bear says we are too alike and will fight as we will be cooped up together for 6 months in a small boat. So I used some of my experience as a counsellor and career advisor and ran some personality profiles to see how compatible we are. Deveen is a Myers Briggs type ENFP similar to the profiles of Mark Twain, Orson Welles and Oscar Wilde. My ENTJ style is akin to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and notably Gordon Ramsay! Hopefully we have all mellowed somewhat.

Shark, also pictured above, whose mother named him Brian Sharrock, will also catch up with us while we are in Ontario. We also go back 40 years but I haven’t done a profile on him and he will only be with us a few days.

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2 Responses to Choosing crew

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Good morning Balakera peoples. Hopefully Deveen will be able to occupy you with many beautifully spun yarns and won’t be put off by your prodigious swearing in the kitchen! Looking forward to your voyage. T&F x


  2. goat says:

    Seem to remember the subject crew when they both lived in Sydney, and the subject of fighting.
    Excuse in those days was they had been drinking Bundy, so it didn’t really matter !


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