Days 1 & 2.  Brisbane, Sydney, Dallas, Tampa and Clearwater.

Very large day or one and a half days flying to Florida, 36 hours in transit in Deveen’s case as he arrived 5 hours after I did but more about how that happened in a moment. Our first time in the double decker Airbus A380 reinforced why I travelled Premium Economy on the last two occasions I did long haul. My frame just doesn’t fit into an economy seat and it gets worse when the people in front put their seats back. Five movies and two hours sleep later we reached Dallas Fort Worth and loved the skycam vision from the camera mounted on the tail plane. The video of our landing approach is below.

Even though we have 12 months visas,  US immigration only stamped us for six months. Deveen became separated from me through customs and requested a longer period as he and Lesley are hiring a motor home after we complete the Great Loop. So  the longer period  required escalation to a supervisor and delayed his processing which meant he missed the Dallas Tampa leg by six minutes While I wanted to wait for him the airline desk said I probably would have to pay again and the next flight was nearly full plus had standby bookings.

As it was Deveen was lucky to get on the later flight and our Clearwater host Dale had to make second trip to the airport to pick him up at 10pm local Florida time. Needless to say we were a bit frazzled when we finally all got together at Dale and Marsha’s place but then Dale produced some genuine Tennessee Moonshine to help us unwind.



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3 Responses to Days 1 & 2.  Brisbane, Sydney, Dallas, Tampa and Clearwater.

  1. Lesley Devine says:

    Good to hear you made it even though a bit stiff and minus my tessy. Oh dear but at least all sorted.. Thanks dale. Your son jd is settling down and enjoyed two big walks/runs today and is presently lying on my feet dreaming about his dad and godfather. Thank goodness for Tennessee moonshine! Love from us.

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  2. Tony Jones says:

    Wow – sounds like a very hard slog and not the best way to start your journey. TJ did try to ring you to say goodbye, but sadly we had our timing wrong and he was too late :(. Hope you have a wonderful time – look forward to reading all the posts. T & F

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  3. Foz & Carol says:

    Thank goodness it all worked out in the end for both of you (Just adding a few more grey hairs) Now you can enjoy the rest of your journey. Safe Travels and we look forward to reading your progress through your trip. Carol, Foz & girls xx

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