Day 3. Clearwater.

Slept in till 10.00am then Dale took us to pick up our hire car and then to AT&T where he left us to go and watch his grandsons play baseball. Deveen and me got our comms set up at the AT&T store and then to Walmart to get some “quilts” (doonas), pillows and basic victualling for the boat. Walmart was an education with great value merchandise and we bought good Australian wine for half the price it costs at home, go figure.

We took Dale and Marsha out to dinner at Clearwater Beach and passed the imposing Scientology world HQ on the way. Seems there is ample profit in tithing your congregation.
The restaurant we went to was the Columbia Spanish Restaurant, a favorite of Dale and Marsha’s and it didn’t disappoint. The ambience and food was amazing.

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1 Response to Day 3. Clearwater.

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Good to see that things are working out for you. They look like a lovely couple and your meal certainly looks interesting.


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