Day 4.  Clearwater.

Seeing some upside in living in the US, for example petrol (gas) is us$ 1.75 a gallon, or 38 cents a liter making it under 60 cents after the exchange rate. Jack Daniels is $18 a bottle or $27 after exchange rate compared to $ 52 in Australia. Not that we will be drinking spirits on board but beer is $20 a carton. Great country.

We lost a bit of weight overnight as our bellies struggled to adapt to the American food. Deveen had a tough night so took it easy this morning while I did something I haven’t done for a while, went to church with our hosts Dale and Marsha. Deveen wanted to go to a gun shop as he hadn’t seen a firearm after leaving the Air Fotce. Dale took us to the Straight Shot gun shop and firing range where there was a wall of semi automatic rifles…scary.

Tomorrow we head for central Florida to pick up the boat. It is about a 2 hour drive from Clearwater to Hontoon Island National Park, just north of Orlando.

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2 Responses to Day 4.  Clearwater.

  1. Tony Jones says:

    I was surprised in your last post when you mentioned that you could buy Australian wine cheaper there than you can get it here. The pricing in your post for petrol and grog is amazing, too. Sorry to hear about your stomachs – hopefully you will both have adapted by the time you get on board, or it could be not so much fun for a while! As for the wall of guns – truly scary stuff basically! Stay safe, T&F


  2. spankytoo says:

    Marsha and I totally enjoyed your company the last couple of days. You guys were a blast…… Any Aussie friends coming this way, let us know. We usually have room here are in the Tennessee Cabin. Have a great trip!!!


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