Day 5.  Hontoon Island National Park

Daybreak departure has us on the causeway as the sun rises over Tampa. Passed by Orlando’s Disneyworl and Epcot about 90 minutes later. Charles at the hire car depot in Deland was most helpful and arranged for Seymour, originally from Jamaica to drive us to the Hontoon Island ferry. Seymour knew all the Australian cricketers of the 60s and 70s.
There had been 37 C-Dorys at the Island over the weekend for a gathering of like minded boaties. Flint and Leslie, the owners of the vessel we are leasing greeted us as stepped off the ferry. We then checked into our rustic cabin and completed the lease arrangements for the boat. Flint then spent about two hours going through the operations and equipment onboard.

We headed down the St Johns River to bunker and then a further 20 minutes North to the Shadyoaks Restaurant for a late lunch. We tied up immediately outside the restaurant and had a tasty meal of burgers and chips (only $7) washed down with a pitcher of Yngling draught beer.  Leslie poses alongside our vessel back at the Hontoon Island marina.

A delightful sundowner session at the marina had me pinching myself to ensure that my dream of doing this adventure for over 30 years had actually come true.

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1 Response to Day 5.  Hontoon Island National Park

  1. Lesley Devine says:

    Great one Derricky, at long last, it’s real, it’s happening – enjoy every moment – love Lessy xx


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