Day 9.  Jove Creek, near Brunswick, Georgia.


Millpond conditions early this morning at Piney Island. We departed at 8am and passed through Fernandina Beach with its wood pulp mill and later beautiful Cumberland Island with its pristine beaches. Our new friends Scott and Tamara in Someday Soon were only going as far as Cumberland Island but we wanted to get about halfway to Savannah. We are now on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and it is easy to sea why people rave about it. Chains of lagoons and inland waterways running parallel with the coast, no open water to be negotiated here. But there are strong currents as the photo below shows.


Today we passed into Georgia state and won’t see Florida again until we complete the loop in about 6 months and 6000 miles from here.

 We are in a small hideyhole creek just a quarter mile off the ICW called Jove Creek, protected from every direction. 

  We have covered over 200 miles since leaving Deland on Tuesday (4 days) and today is the anniversary of our departure to circumnavigate Australia last year. Thinking about Jenny bear who indulges my exploits seemingly so readily and my adorable black mutt JD seen here farewelling us last year.


Beautiful sunset at Jove Creek looking across the Mackay River which is part of the ICW


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