Day 10. Savannah, Georgia.

Departed Jove Creek at 6.30 am and 10 minutes later we were back on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). Overcast morning as we passed a pretty island near Little St Simon Island.

Becoming more and more enamoured with the C-Dory concept of boat as we pass yachts and displacement trawler style cruisers going half our speed. Any larger planing or semi planing hull than our 26 feet would have prohibitive fuel consumption running costs. The hull is modeled after the Washington state fishing dorys so it has great sea keeping qualities. Combine this with being trailable it becomes a caravan for traversing the country as well as an exploration vessel for remote lakes and rivers. No wonder grey nomads (an Australian term for retired travelers in their own vehicular home) like the owners Flint and Leslie, choose his style of vessel.

Also noteworthy onboard is the Wallas Diesel Stove which doubles as a cabin heater. This innovative galley solution runs off a gallon bottle of diesel and uses a ceramic two burner cooktop. Drop the lid down and the fan pushes out significant cabin heat that I would have enjoyed in my Tasmanian sailing days.

Passed by some boat yards with very large toys moored, we liked the vessel pictured above, “Could you wrap mine please….Yes sir but we only have shrink wrapping.”

We are at the Savannah Bend Marina in South Savannah ably looked after by Mary and Aaron in the Marina Office. The photo above shows our little ship amongst her bigger sisters fourth from the left.  Mary suggested we go to the adjacent restaurant and bar known as Despositas. Just a rustic timber shanty shed. Great spot, the Matriach Walton, who is 81 years young, showed us photos of Michael Douglas with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cheech and Chong and Leonard Skynyrd on the walls when they visited the place. Lyndsey the barmaid and Dave the cook looked after us. Watch Dave deliver your beer  Southern style.

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