Day 14.  Charleston Maritme Centre

Came around early to the Charleston Maritime Centre near downtown at 9am and had a shower after being met at the dock by the marina staff Frank and Crystal. A large car carrier docked nearby which indicated that the US car manufacturing industry is suffering a similar fate to Australia’s. That is also evident by the number of imported cars on the roads.You can just see our boat right of the water taxi in the photo above. We went then to the market area and took a carriage ride through the historic area.

Returning to the boat we thought we had better stay another day not wishing to spend St Patricks Day at anchor somewhere. We had a lazy afternoon, we believe we deserved as we have on the go every day since leaving Brisbane. Went back into town and had pizza for dinner. We also walked past a shop where they were hand making cigars so we went in and watched. I’m off the cigars on this trip as I was last year sailing around Australia, but seeing them being made was fascinating.

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2 Responses to Day 14.  Charleston Maritme Centre

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Your boat is looking a little dwarfed in this picture! What was Charleston like? Full of history? Did you meet some nice people there? So far, you seem to be doing pretty well in terms of meeting people. And your weather still appears to be pretty good. What are the temperatures like? We have had extreme heat for a very long time (warmest March on record) and finally had a little bit of rain yesterday – could do with a lot more, but it doesn’t appear as though we are going to get it. T & F


  2. Helen Turner says:

    So awesome! LOVE that you had a ride in a horse & carriage!


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