Day 16.  Jericho Creek, near Georgetown, South Carolina


Had a quick shower before departing Charleston Maritime Centre at 8am. The Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) is largely created by flooded river valleys called Rias after the melting after the ice age, similar to Sydney Harbour. Also contributing to its formation is the Gulf Stream longshore drift currents dropping sand as it moves north. Consequently the path taken by the ICW tends to meander all over the place and adds about 50% to the distance. Today is different as the ICW is cut from swamp, pretty much in a straight line.


We are anchored for the night at Jericho Creek, one mile off the ICW and 6 miles NE of Georgetown, SC, after the 65 mile run up from Charleston today. Deveen is cooking sausages for dinner. 


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