Day 17.   Little River, border of North and South Carolina



Dawn breaks at Jericho Creek rather late at 7.30am because of local daylight saving. Further along the Waccamaw River we passed a golf course and marina at Wachesaw Landing. 


We were initially delighted to fill up our hire car for $1.64 a gallon or  us $0.43 a liter. Unfortunately those prices don’t translate to the marina bowser prices which are over $3.00 a gallon. We asked why and the answer was because of the convenience factor, certainly loading up jerry cans and bringing fuel to your boat is prohibitive when you burn 25 gallons or 55 liters a day. We were pleasantly surprised to find Bucksport Marina with gas (petrol) at $2.18 a liter, a dollar cheaper than St Johns Marina. Had it not been 10am we would have stayed at Bucksport, not just bunkered, as it had a restaurant and marina fees are only $20 a night. Maybe we should look for marinas like this one located between Georgetown and Myrtle Beach and stay away from the big city marinas.


The scenery has changed dramatically away from the reedy marshes to a beautiful cypress forest coming down to the waters edge. Magnificent.


We were hailed “northbound looper at Myrtle Beach” and had a radio conversation with Ralph and Linda aboard Mazel Tug who were 200 miles short of completing their Great Loop. They saw our Americas Great Loop Cruisers Assoc. burgee. Their parting comment was “You’all have one heck of a great trip ahead of You’all ”

 We are anchored for the night at Calabash River, near the town of Little River on the state border. North Carolina is on the Northern side of the river and South Carolina on the South.

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