Day 18.  Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina


Not real tropical today with 48 degrees F which is equivalent to 9 degrees C. Tracky daks, jumpers and socks, luckily it is warmer inside, our weather instrument has sensors inside and outside.  Welcome to North Carolina! We have the cabin heater on, yet three days ago in Charleston we had the a/c on.


Didn’t think there will be any outside photos today as it is also raining but Deveen took this one of some crazies fishing in the rain and a shipwreck. That’s how inspiring the morning was but it did clear in the afternoon.


More inspiring by far was the videoconference I had with Ela L’il bear # 1 daughter living in Victoria BC, Vancouver Island, who I had not spoken with for nearly three weeks.


We are now anchored at Wrightsville Beach back in civilization but it is still cold.


We are now well up the US coast, more than a third of the way to New York. We passed Cape Fear around lunch time, named for several near shipwrecks on the adjacent Frying Pan Shoals and famous for a psychological thriller movie staring Robert de Niro and Nick Nolte.


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1 Response to Day 18.  Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Good morning, so glad that you managed to catch up with Ela – that would have made your week! The scenery is just so different, each and every day isn’t it. I guess that as you are heading north you are starting to get more colder climate vegetation. Glad that we are not having to pay your fuel prices! Stay dry. T&F


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