Day 20. Swansboro layover



Last nights photo does seem a bit hazy (out of focus?) and so was our recollection apart from enjoying a really special impromptu night with our new friends. From the left are Linda and Ralph from Mazel Tug and Melecia and Tom (next to Deveen) at whose house we had our first home cooked meal in weeks. Mazel Tug is 100 miles short of completing their loop and Tom and Melecia completed theirs a couple of years ago. Both couples shared a wealth of information with us.


Domestic day today initially doing laundry then Deveen had a haircut, still too long though! We defrosted the galley fridge, did some minor maintenance & repairs and fitted the AIS so we can identify and avoid other shipping. Swansboro seemed a good placefor housekeeping  because the marina is only $20 a night.


Went for sundowners at Saltwater Grill, good draft beer and enjoyed crumbed alligator with chipotle sauce, scrumptious!


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1 Response to Day 20. Swansboro layover

  1. Lesley Devine says:

    My husband Deveen is having a crazy hair day….before or after the clipping


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