Day 21.  Oriental, North Carolina

Departed Dudley’s Marina at 8.15am after shower delighting in a much warmer day. It only got down to 12 degrees C overnight. Photo below shows why we have to concentrate and keep ourselves in the channel. The fisherman is 200 meters away WALKING to his crab pots.


With our AIS now connected you get live position reports from the hyperlink or go to the location page on our blog. The views are quite graphic as you can see below of our location in Dudleys Marina, Swansboro..


The AIS’ value was apparent around midday today when we saw a tug approaching on the AIS but not visible around a blind turn in the channel. Had we not picked it up we would have met the tug Sara Caitlin under the narrow bridge shown in the photo below. We chose to slow down and let it pass! Great device and paid for its installation already.


We are moored tonight at Oriental’s free dock and had arrival beers with Craig whose boat is Nepenthe moored adjacent to us. Craig has a dog Marlin with him and an Australian girlfriend that is not with him but is back working in New York City. Craig, who is an ER Doctor was great company when he joined us for dinner at M&Ms restaurant where Deveen and me had grits with shrimp, delicious.


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1 Response to Day 21.  Oriental, North Carolina

  1. Helen Turner says:

    What are grits please Derrick?


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