Day 22.  Belhaven, North Carolina.

Craig’s dog Merlin was originally from the Cocos and Turk Isles in the Caribbean and has adapted to life in New York City and on the yacht.

Another 8am departure from Oriental in millpond conditions that held all the way till we were 15 minutes out of Belhaven around 12.30pm. Then the wind picked up to 20 knots from the SE. We had stopped earlier for cheap fuel at the fishermans wharf at Hobucken.

imageWe found the Belhaven free town dock and headed into town. Two ladies approached us as we passed in the street asked if we were out of towers. Turns out they were heads of the chamber of commerce and invited us to visit their premises and learn about their town. Dianna and Diane were excellent ambassadors and gave us a show bag of information plus giveaways like beer coolers, lip balm, sun cream and a mini first aid kit. What a welcome!


Dinner tonight was at Jacks Neck Tavern and consisted of Reuben corned beef and sauerkraut washed down with Sweetwater draft beer. Barmaid Melissa also gave us pineapple vodka made onsite as an palate cleanser


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  1. rjjamieson1 says:

    No doubt about you Barn, you pick up women so easily


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