Day 25. Alligator River Marina

  We stayed put in the Alligator River on Easter Saturday morning as the winds turned Northerly at 20 knots which is not what we wanted to cross the shallow Albemarle Sound. So a somewhat lazy time at anchor under the Northern shore of the river, reading our books, running the Honda genset and also reading some manuals to get more familiar with our vessel. At 12.30 the wind abated and with a favorable forecast we set off passing Cellar Door, from Seattle at anchor. She is a sister ship to our neighbour Robbie Sommers vessel back home.


Chose to cap the day after traveling 15 miles downriver to the Alligator River Marina near where the river meets Albemarle Sound. It is also the location of the bridge to the Outer Banks which is a chain of islands that goes down to Cape Hatteras. The Outer Banks is also the location of Kitty Hawk where the Wright Brothers achieved the first powered flight.

 Our location at the marina is where Highway 64 crosses the waterway at the left of the map. It is a roadhouse so we had burgers and chips there for dinner. The picture below shows Grace Full in her slip looking across to the roadhouse. We are now in the cosy lounge waiting for the laundry dryer to finish. 


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1 Response to Day 25. Alligator River Marina

  1. grant says:

    I hope you two bunnies are having a good easter!


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