Day 27. Great (Not so) Dismal Swamp State Park


When I was a teenager my father bought me a moth class sailing dinghy and two years later I built one of these craft myself. The moth class originated in Elizabeth City in 1929 and this morning we visited the park commemorating this.


We then visited the Albermarle Museum with John and Eunice from Harmony and left with them at 11am under the lifting bascule bridge to make the 1.30pm lock at the bottom southern end of the Dismal Swamp Canal. It was my first experience of a lock since the Panama Canal about 42 years ago. Later both Harmony and Grace Full had to negotiate a fallen tree trunk that was right across the canal.

We then caught up with TJ and Julie on Cellar Door at the Welcome Centre about halfway along the canal. The place may have been dismal for the negro slaves that excavated it but it is absolutely pristine beautiful for us. We had dinner aboard Cellar Door and scuttled home just prior to the witching hour.


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