Day 31.  weather bound in Portsmouth 


We had planned to go to Deltaville but decided to stay put in Portsmouth due to heavy rain and poor visibility. Steve Baum braved the weather and came to visit us this morning. Steve lives two miles away, has been following our blog as he is an C-Dory owner and saw our links on the C-Brats owner website. He is a fleet owner and also has a Corsair trimaran. Corsair is owned by Seawind who built my catamaran and they now share the same factory in Vietnam.


The rain today finally cleared at 5pm but will be followed by a cold snap for the next few days. Fortunately we are ahead of schedule and not due to meet Shark in Baltimore until the 9th.  We went aboard Eider with our neighbors Paul and Sue this evening. They intend to leave tomorrow for Washington.


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2 Responses to Day 31.  weather bound in Portsmouth 

  1. Brian Sharrock says:

    Hey DJ -I WILL BE IN BALTIMORE ON THE 8th April next Friday Cheers Shark

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  2. Eunice says:

    Comfortable at Hampton during windy night. take care planning your river crossings – York, Rapahannock, Potomac, patuxent — mvg up Chesapeake will be good practice for Georgian Bay & Lake Michigan later 🙂


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