Day 32. Portsmouth, socialising

The small craft advisory weather warning is still in place, reduced back from Tuesday night to Monday night. But Tuesday still has 15-20 knots and from the North together with a leftover sea. So our departure now looks like Wednesday. What do we do when we can’t do boating, well we go socialising.

 We caught up with TJ and Julie for lunch at Barons Pub. Then we went to Ray and Camille’s apartment that overlooks the dock where Gracie is moored. Camille prepared a delicious dinner of shrimp, collards and crab cakes in the Southern style.


They did the loop in 2002 and we benefitted from drawing on many of their experiences. Pacman is their Labrador, amazing temperament and the product of two years training at service dog school. However he was too excited to stay still for the photo below.


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