Day 33.  Portsmouth, not real tropical


Check out the 8am weather screen shot capturing that we are experiencing our briskest morning yet. The lower figure of -5 is the ambient temperature taking into account windchill. To compound the experience it was an extremely high tide together with a surge from the strong Northerly wind so our dock was covered with water and we dare not go bare foot to the ablutions ashore. So a patient wait for the tide to recede ensued.

TJ managed to get us in for a tour of the Norfolk Naval Base, the largest in the world that supports 75 ships, 80,000 military people, 112,00 family of military staff and 30,000 civilians. It is like a city in its own right.
We then had dinner with TJ and Julie back in Portsmouth where Deveen and me both enjoyed cajun catfish in the Southern Style. TJ and Julie head off west tomorrow.

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