Day 40. Baltimore, MD


Saw Eunice on Harmony as we departed Annapolis in the rain at 9.30am. Navigation was by radar, gps plotter and AIS as we covered the 20 miles as the crow flies and 35 miles as per the channel up to Baltimore. The AIS was a godsend finding tugs and barges coming towards us in the fog and rain. We couldn’t see the tug Gray Kimel pushing two barges until it was less than a quarter mile away. Then the rain stopped, fog lifted and we could photograph her. After that we had a cloud free day.


Gracie is moored in the Baltimore Inner Harbour Marina reminiscent of our central locations in Jacksonville, Savannah and Charleston. Only this dock is not free, in fact the most expensive so far, but with good facilities and close to the train to get to DC tomorrow. Caught the free bus to the shopping mall to revictual.  


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1 Response to Day 40. Baltimore, MD

  1. Leslie Firestone says:

    I am so glad you are going to DC. It is a wonderful place.


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