Day 45, Manasquan NJ



After our 6.30am departure from AC we soon had the skyline in our wake. We received great service from Greg Little, C-Dory Production Manager, NMI in Washington state who got back to us in 3 hours confirming the details of the shaft length and sweep width of our windscreen wipers so we could order a new wiper motor unit to replace the one that burnt out on Gracie.


Bunkered today at the Brielle Yacht Club with a favourable price of $2.55 per gallon. We are now anchored in a delightful lagoon called Glimmer Glass on Watson Creek at Manasquan. It is protected all round. We are getting quite close to New York City as shown below in the boat beacon screen snap with all the vessels transmitting their positions on AIS. It is only about 40 miles away.

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