Day 46.  Atlantic Ocean and Sandy Hook


6am departure from Manasquan to get the last of the making tide to ensure the bar wasn’t too playful. Photo above of us passing the break wall shows it was benign. The Atalantic Ocean was also well behaved with a one meter swell and variable winds occasionally 5 knots land breeze from the West. We passed our most Easterly position of the entire loop near Sandy Hook. At 7.30am sighted the New York skyline emerging from the mist. Later we could also make out the Verazanno Bridge.


We are moored tonite at the Great Kills Yacht Club, about 12 miles from Manhattan. The GKYC is a very accommodating club, you walk into a group of people and they all introduce themselves. John Calcibetta, an ex looper came down and offered his personal metro card and to take us to the train station tomorrow. John was recommended to us by Leslie.Firestone and John remembered their visit well. The place suffered badly from Hurricance Sandy shown below so the marina is effectively new and rebuilt.


We had a session at the club bar this afternoon and seemingly everyone wanted to buy us drinks. Love the jersey accent, one guy said “oil give yoiu a tip, doint bet on de hoises” great company and great hospitality here.

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  1. Bob Jarrard says:

    Hi – on the mapping link, how do I figure out which boat is yours from all the other nice colored little shapes? I am a C-Brat!!
    Bob Jarrard


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