Day 49.  East, Harlem and Hudson Rivers.


Gracie’s position near Liberty Island this morning prior to leaving at 7.15am, showing the AIS shipping traffic. It was quite entertaining heading out at peak hour with ferries everywhere and a confused leftover chop resulting. Rather than going straight up the Hudson we took the East Rivet and went under the Brooklyn Bridge.


The route allowed us to go around Manhattan on the East side, take the Harlem River and re emerge onto the Hudson at the Northern end of Manhattan.


Some amazing sights long the way. The Empire State Building on the left and the Chrysler Building on the right. 


Washington Park  on the Harlem River at the Northern end of Manhattan was quite pretty as was the arched bridges ahead.


We are anchored tonight at Haverstraw Bay, about 30 miles North of last night’s anchorage. The Hudson River reminded us of the Rhine today as we passed Teppan Zee bridge (plus a huge second one under construction) and Sing Sing Prison.

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1 Response to Day 49.  East, Harlem and Hudson Rivers.

  1. Steve Baum says:

    My wife and I are really enjoying your adventure, with the photos and details of where you have been and are heading. We lived on Governors Island with the US Coast Guard for 7 (long) years and I sailed in NY harbor most of the year…even raced J-24’s every Wednesday during the sailing season, along side the ships, tugs, barges and ferries.
    Have a very pleasant trip as you head up the Hudson.


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