Day 51. Poughkeepsie layover

Gracie will stay at Whites Marina for a week while her intrepid crew substitute a car and motels for the waterborne life. We have had a good run with weather and progress so we have a week to fill in before the Erie Ship Canal opens on the first of May.


We have come to realize how fortunate we are with our boating in Australia where we use our boats all year. In New York State they have to get their boats out of the water and shrink wrapped for the winter.  Here at Whites Marina they also protect the marina fingers. The photo below of Gracie’s position is overlaid on a picture taken in winter with the boats ashore and the marina fingers moved close to the shore to minimize damage from the ice and snow. The photos above and below depict the vessels ashore covered in blue shrink wrap.


We ventured to the New Hamburg Yacht Club this afternoon and enjoyed a wonderful session with the locals. We wandered in and said “we are from Australia and would like to drink some beer, we are members of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania”. It took a while for us to actually buy a beer, they were so welcoming, the commodore Kathy and member John gave us a club burgee and we agreed to send them one from the RYCT. The NHYC originated from sailing ice boats on the river in winter. Great afternoon.


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