Day 56.  Beautiful and amazing Maine

We drove through the Harbour at Portland ME, where over 260 Liberty ships were built by women during World War 2.
Then onto the city of ships, Bath ME, where the Bath Iron Works, now owned by General Dynamics continues to be a major shipbuilder. In the past Bath Iron Works has built all manner of shipping, commercial, military and even Americas Cup defending yachts. It’s latest output are Zumwalt stealth destroyers. These vessels are so hard to detect they appear by radar as a 30′ fishing vessel!
Bath is also the home of the Maine Maritime Museum which is built on the site of an old wooden schooner shipyard. The largest vessel built there was a 400 ft, 6 masted schooner, the Wyoming, which is commemorated by a full size white steel sculpture. Deveen and me agreed that the whole place, complete with 1920s shipbuilding workshops, was the best museum we had seen.
Then we went to the quintessential Maine harbour town, Camden. We are still in Maine tonight staying at the Quality Inn at Augusta.

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