Day 58.  Revictualling and repairing in Poughkeepsie

The photo above is dedicated to Professor who bought much more beer than food when we were in Darwin last year. This was prior to our extended trip through the Kimberley where there is no opportunity for revictualling for over a month. That acquisition is relived in the photograph below. Today’s excuse was it was our last day with the hire car so it avoided us having to lug provisions a great distance. 

We also fitted the new wiper motor to Gracie’s starboard front window so we can see where we are going from the steering position. Looking forward to getting underway again tomorrow.

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1 Response to Day 58.  Revictualling and repairing in Poughkeepsie

  1. grant says:

    and here I was thinking that after I’d educated your palate (a little) last year you’d actually try a couple of the over 2.5 thousand craft beers made in the US!


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