Day 63.  St Johnsville NY

Enjoyed our overnight anchorage at Amsterdam, protected by Davey Island. We departed at 7am to the first lock of the day two miles up the Mohawk River. We are starting to see more agriculture and noticing that dairy farms have extensive barns to shelter the cows in winter as well as silos to hold their feed.

The interstate tollway I90 ran alongside the river on the Southern side for much of the day carrying a large number of freight trucks including several Walmart Road Trains (prime mover towing two trailers). It seems the rail freight trains are still doing ok too with mile plus long trains passing us about every hour on the northern side of the Mohawk River.

We transited five locks today raising us another 80 feet above sea level. Moored tonight in the municipal marina at St Johnsville where Gracie occupies the VIP berth. Eating ashore tonight at Cosmos Bar and Grill.

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