Day 65. Utica NY

Image courtesy of City of Little Falls

We departed Little Falls early at 7.15am with a lasting impression of a picturesque town that once supported over 40,000 people because of its strategic position in a pass on the Mohawk Valley and the availability of fast running water to assist early manufacturing factories and generate electricity. These days it supports about 4,500 people. 

The reason we left early was so we could do a Skype session with the girls back in Brisbane as we went up through a lock. It was 7.30am and 9.30pm their time and they were amazed by the process. We are now anchored at Utica, about 20 miles further West and about 60 miles from Lake Ontario. We anchored at 11.30am having covered the distance and two locks in around four hours. We are traveling more on man made canals dug alongside the Mohawk River whilst still remaining in its valley

We have been pleasantly surprised by our economic fuel burn recently. After 7 days since bunkering at Poughkeepsie, we still have over half full tanks. The reason is we are traveling quite slow, about five knots because the scenery is so breathtaking. Also the debris of floating logs, branches and dead leaves floating in the water is easier to avoid at the slower speed. The debris shown below at the Little Falls power station intake spillway illustrates the issue. It is unusually prevalent currently because of Easterly winds pushing it back up the Mohawk River.

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