Day 66. Sylvan Beach

Really impressed with the Rocna anchor on Gracie. Again this morning we used the motor to break it out of the seabed, which is what you want as it is unlikely to dislodge in the middle of the night and drag. If I was getting a new anchor for Baly back in Australia I would certainly look at a Rocna.

We spent last night at a turning basin just near a huge clover leaf of roadways where two major freeways intersect. We were only just aware of the traffic noise and slept well.

Now we are off the Mohawk River the canal is dead straight, reminiscent of the Dismal Swamp back in Virginia. The first structure pictured above is a guard gate to deflect ice and debris down the spillways rather than the canal. The bridge beyond it is E50 or the fiftieth bridge so far since we left Waterford 120 miles ago. No one spends money on infrastructure like Uncle Sam! The last two locks today sent us downhill about 80 feet as we had crossed the divide of the Adirondack Mountains. It was amazing how clear the water became, both in terms of transparency and little or no debris. 

Moored to the Sylvan Beach town dock and went to the Crazy Clam with Rob and Bob from the Canadian catamaran Island Cat for sundowners and dinner. It is about 100 meters from our mooring just west of the bridge. Great night ably assisted by Shirley the bartender and Danielle the waitress. Jackie on the next table as well as Rob and Bob gave us some valuable local knowledge advice.

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